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The trust of our customers is the key to our success, your privacy is Queen Ann's responsibility.

1. Information security

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel is always aware that the operation and development of the Hotel is based on your cooperation and trust in us. In order to strengthen and develop this relationship, Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel will use its best efforts to protect the information you have provided. Therefore, the storage and use of personal information you have provided to the Hotel will strictly comply with the following principles:

The information that you are asked to provide is relevant and necessary information for the Hotel to understand your needs and ensure the safe and secure management, exploitation and use of the website. convenient. The storage and use of your personal information will be carried out in a systematic, accurate and up-to-date manner to ensure maximum benefits of customers when exploiting and using services and products of customers. hotel.

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel is committed not to disclose your personal information to any other individual or organization unless it is used with your consent or in accordance with the law; Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel maintains a strict security system to store and protect your information from any unauthorized access. Access to personal information of you and the hotel's staff will comply with the privacy regulations of Queen Ann Nha Trang.

2. Information on the website

The products/services introduced on this website are legally provided by the Hotel and are for reference only. Users should not treat this information as an offer or offer for sale unless the Hotel has other specific and specific rules or agreements. Although the construction and design of the information and materials on this website has been done with the utmost care, the Hotel is uncertain about the exclusion of viruses or other harmful elements or the accuracy of the information. accurate, fit for a particular purpose the information and materials posted on this website. this website and the websites linked to this website. At the same time, the Hotel reserves the right to change, update and complete the information and documents without prior notice. The information posted on this website is for reference only and is not intended as professional advice. Please contact us for detailed information.

3. Copyrights and trademarks

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel is the owner of the trademarks, logos and product/service marks posted on this website. No individual or organization is allowed to use such trademarks, logos and product or service marks without the prior written permission of the Hotel.

4. Affiliate sites

Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel is not responsible for the content or information, materials of any other website linked to this page. When accessing and using the content, information and materials of other websites linked to this site, you do so at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use that apply to your website. access/use it.

5. Data transmission over the Internet

Due to the nature of the Internet, transactions can be interrupted, line signal loss, slow data transmission, and incorrect data transmission. Queen Ann Nha Trang Hotel is not responsible for functional errors of communication equipment not under the control of the hotel that affect the accuracy or time of receiving and sending information as well as transactions that are not under the control of the hotel. You perform.

Sincerely thank you for your trust and cooperation with Queen Ann Hotel Nha Trang!

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