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Queen Ann – A relax destination

Detailed description: Because of its opulence and first-rate service, tourists prefer Queen Ann Nha Trang, a 5-star seaside hotel. 

Our accommodation system is full of natural light and fresh sea wind, combined with elegant furniture, preparing to become the ideal resort for all loyal guests, with 28 floors and 276 rooms offering infinity ocean views along with panoramic city views.

Come to Queen Ann Nha Trang to experience the sea's breath in its purest form. This lovely coastal city on the top of Vietnam promises to provide you with wonderful experiences.

In addition, the Queen Ann Hotel offers all-day dining options in the Royal Restaurant, which is distinctively constructed with three enormous glass walls so that visitors can take in both the splendor of the coastal city of Nha Trang and a delectable meal. In addition, our restaurant's sixth-floor Pool Bar delivers scrumptious, expertly made snacks and drinks.

The overflowing swimming pool on the fifth floor of this luxurious accommodation features an infinity ocean view and a contemporary European projection ceiling system, providing you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cool water and take in the stunning sunrise over Nha Trang Bay while also providing you with moments of comfortable play while staying here.

The delightful feeling of relaxation at Queen Beauty Spa, where you may unwind your body and awaken your positive energy, is waiting for you after a long day of adventure and pleasure. by massage therapies, saunas, and other health-supportive techniques carried out by a group of skilled and devoted professionals Queen Ann Nha Trang prioritizes the essence of relaxation in each utility and service product at the hotel, including: a professional, convenient tour desk with a variety of entertainment options, interesting and varied island tours, an ideal modern gym,... and countless other alluring 5-star standard amenities at Queen Ann Nha Trang. 

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